TV and printed ads Despite being voted the most admired company in the world by CEO's and being considered one of the world largest company, the brand is hardly known in Europe: General Electric. The American multinational has silently gained market share in Europe by acquiring existing companies and maintaining the acquired local branding. The ambition of General Electric however is to shift gears and to move forward and gain brand awareness in Europe for the mother company. General Electric gives the national organizations a large amount of freedom in achieving their targets. Worldwide branding guidelines are given but local marketing departments decide on the basis of the national competitive environment and culture their own marketing strategy. The activity I have developed -as part of the concept- an advertising campaign with Ogilvy (ad-vertisement agency) and OMD (media planner) with a start budget of 4 million Euro. The advertising campaign focussed on local newspapers, TV and city boards. Together with my team I also achieved a conversion rate of 4% on a direct mailing campaign. This means a doubling on average success rate. Also flyers, brochures and -last but not least- the 100 bank shops were refurbished form the in- and outside to match the new corporate identity. The campaign resulted in a revenue stream of 20 million Euro and enough learning experience to apply when creating the new online bank Freo at the Rabobank group.