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Direct marketing Although advertising (especially television) is considered by many as the most interesting part of marketing; direct marketing - in case of immature brand equity and limited budget- is the most effective on short term. As GE Bank is a new brand that needs time to develop; the customer database is a major source of income. Direct mailing gives -if done properly- immediate result against low acquisition cost. The concept Create a direct mailing with a seasonal theme and incentive. No promotional low APR's. To reduce the disposal of direct mailing at arrival at the customer's mailbox, the direct mailing should create curiosity and an impulse to open. Not text was written on the outside. The transparent envelope only showed the address and the -non text- sunflower leaflet. Data mining showed a high percentage of women as main initiative taker. So we targeted women with children, not been direct mailed since 6 months with an average income of 1000-1200 Euro. The achievement 4-5 % cross sell rate. 20 million Euro revenue. 15% APR. Low acquisition cost.