E-commerce The awareness regarding the power of online/social media tools have also reached the boardroom of many companies. And suddenly it becomes priority number one; to do "something" with social media. Budget is freed up, directors are receiving targets to do "something" with social media. Too bad that managers and directors today, have been brought up in another area. The majority is @-litterate; desperately trying to capture the value of social media by using traditional business case tools.

Social media is not just a new channel, but influences the complete customer journey: from purchase to usage, from usage to service and to finally reconsidering renewal or another purchase. It is an integrated value throughout the whole business chain.

Increasingly the aspect to integrate and manage E-commerce/social media in the overall business plan became important in my work. In soms projects this even became my major assignment.

I became from @-litterate to hungry to embrace this fast moving, exiting new dimension of selling, acquiring, creating intimicy - tool. I combine my classic strategic marketing skills and leadership with my understanding for social media and the patience to learn, to listen and give room to what's new in this rapidly changing, innovative field. I offer to connect the boardroom to young inspring insight and vice versa. And create an up-to-date integrated business plan and lead this to execution.